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Hi! My name is Carolyn. I am a former English teacher turned writer and note-sending enthusiast. I believe hand-written words spread joy.

So, I have created Jotted-Lines.


The inspiration for these notes came when my oldest child was starting kindergarten.

I vowed to include a daily handwritten note in her lunch. It wasn’t long before that became an uncreative chore with my scribbles simply saying, “Have a great day, Love Mommy”. Then one afternoon I sat down and jotted some ideas for “lunch note” topics. I would give myself specific prompts to write about that my daughter would enjoy reading. I grabbed a stack of index cards and wrote a sentence starter at the top of each card…things like, “When I was your age, my favorite school lunch was…” or “Something that scared me as a child was…” or “The best books I read in elementary school were…”

She began to look forward to the notes and then chatting about them when she got home from school. When a few fellow moms mentioned their children were asking for lunch notes like these. I printed up a bunch and passed them along. I enjoyed hearing stories about how those notes became meaningful ways for parents to connect with their kids. If this worked for parents and kids, maybe I could create something to encourage people to put pen to paper and write notes to friends.

hope for jotted lines

My hope is that people will take some time to jot a few lines and brighten someone’s day.

Because, really, your phone and computer could use the break and the world could always use more joy.

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